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In acting in the movies a lot of big star actors are always there, they are a pain in the side. They are all over the place. But rich good acting, that is not what happens. There is no one sure way to become a successful film actor. In fact, there are as many different ways as there are actors. Each actor finds success in their own way, using luck, connections, and perseverance. There are, however, some basic tips that can help any new actor get their foot in the proverbial door. Here are a few ways to get started.
Almost every city and town has at least one small community theater where local actors gather and put on performances. Take advantage of this opportunity, even if your primary interest is film and television. Acting is acting, and it changes very little between media. Any practice and exposure you get while doing community theater will only improve your chances of making it in the film industry. Also, many agents and casting directors attend plays and showcases in hopes of finding talented new actors. Remember, opportunities can come at any time.

Acting is not easy, though making it look effortless is part of a good actor’s gift, but things all have two sides, we should consider both sides of becoming an actor. Some get carried away with the, “Oh, for me, it’s nothing.” attitude, and scoff at the idea of acting as work, as if it was only a fluke of nature that got them where they are, and they would be happily doing something else if this career hadn’t happened along when it did. Don’t believe them; it’s probably all hype.